As I slowly entered the awakening process early this morning I found myself focusing, in the fuzzy way one often focuses in the early morning hours, on thoughts related to my experience of curiosity versus my experience of knowing (not to be confused with the other experience of Knowing…the type that would have you Know something you could not know through intellect or reason). Many memories came to my mind of the way in my lifetime I somehow defaulted from the natural, joyful and humble stance of curiosity that comes with youth to the more definitive, distrustful and egotistical stance of knowing (read “I know more than you do”).

So, with nine months left in the New Year, I am making a New Year Intention to welcome curiosity into my life. I will invite exploration into my inner process via an inquiring mind as opposed to telling myself a story. I will encourage myself to follow my thirst for knowledge in areas that interest me (I just signed up for fly fishing lessons). And last, but not least, I will ask more questions in my relationships with others and surrender the belief that I already know.

So, just out curiosity…“How do you allow curiosity in your life…or not”?






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